Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Day 1 reflection

First day :


1) What sounds interesting about this project ?
The use of photoshop to transform yourself into a character instead of using traditional materials. Not many people have to resources to transform themselves as well , so this is a fun alternative

2) What do you think you can learn from this project ?
I can learn how to use a tablet to do my art instead of just using my normal materials . This makes my art style more diverse and I can lower the rate of making mistakes in my art as digital art is erasable . I can also learn some things that I cannot do in traditional art. Overall what I learn can make my art better.

3) Any immediate questions regarding this project?
Will using the tablet feel unnatural ?
Is digital of traditional art more time consuming ?

Plenary session one :
Sedimentologist can use sediment to tell when and how large previous tsunamis were and predicts how often they may occur. This will help warn people in earthquake or tsunami prone areas to flee to safe areas to prepare. This will decrease the numbers of lives loss during natural disaster.

Plenary session two:
2D animation is more pain staking and more expensive as it is hand drawn while 3D animation is more cost effective and uses computer technology. This will bring out new opportunities to allow the entertainment industry to expand.

Plenary session three:

To be able to work with nano technology you must be able to work with all fields of science from biology , chemistry , physics to engineering . Nano technology is also very effective in daily usage on cars and on surfaces we use daily to prevent problems . This is a new technology that can be brought to greater heights

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